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The Vizier Workbook

Vizier is a data exploration and ETL workflow system disguised as a notebook: a workbook. Get the power, reliability, and reproducibility of a workflow system based on Apache Spark without sacrificing the comfort of your notebook.

Workflows are a graph of dependencies; Kernels are just interpreters

Workflows vs Kernels

Vizier automatically figures out inter-cell dependencies in your workbook. When you make a change, Vizier reactively re-runs dependent cells. Vizier lets you re-start the notebook from any cell, instantly.

Compare to a kernel-based notebook like Jupyter, where running a cell just pastes it into a running interpreter, and where a dead kernel costs you a day of productivity.

A function defined in a python cell can be used in a SQL cell


Vizier is designed from the ground up to let you use multiple languages in tandem, with existing support for Python, Scala, and SQL, as well as several graphical widgets for data import/export, and visualization.

  • Load a Spark dataframe in Scala, transform in SQL, and visualize in Python.
  • Use Python functions in Spark SQL.
  • Create beautiful plots without writing a line of code.

A function defined in a python cell can be used in a SQL cell

Notebook Summaries

Vizier gives you a bird's-eye view of your notebook, with a table-of-contents, a quick reference to your notebook's variables (artifacts), and quick documentation links.

  • Customize your table of contents with markdown headers and first-line comments.
  • Jump directly to the cell that created an artifact.
  • Download or export an artifact directly from the overview list.

And more...

Vizier automatically keeps a history of changes to your notebook (like GIT), portably manages python environments, and integrates natively with Apache Spark, Apache Sedona and Mimir Lenses,