Data On-boarding

Your client (or collaborator, or boss) just sent you a brand new dataset. You have hours to make sense of the data and bring it into the system.

Whether you prefer to use a spreadsheet, notebook, scripting language, or database, Vizier makes it easy to to explore the data to find out what you have, validate that the data makes sense, and transform it to fix bugs and mold it into a form your system can handle.

Data Life-cycles

You just got an updated dataset and your boss wants the data visible in your system yesterday. Just load it into your ETL workflows... what could go wrong?

Data dictionaries change all the time! There's no guarantee that today's data will look like yesterday's. Vizier makes it easy to re-use and adapt workflows for new data. It helps you validate new data, and quickly debug anything that goes wrong. Vizier even provides provenance for everything it creates, so it's got your back even if you discover problems downstream.

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Notebooks like you've never seen them before

Spreadsheets for those pesky, hard to reach values...

Versioning without the sweat

Data unit testing baked in

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The Team

  • Mike Brachmann (UB)
  • Heiko Mueller (NYU)
  • Sonia Castelo (NYU)
  • Carlos Bautista (NYU)
  • Juliana Freire (NYU)
  • Boris Glavic (IIT)
  • Oliver Kennedy (UB)


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